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The most important function of TarPar Multiversity is the education of future healthcare and information technology professionals.  

Institutional Quality – TraPar Multiversity focuses on continuously enhancing institutional quality by focusing on quality assurance projects, program development, instructional development, and result-driven management.


Education made Simple - TraPar Multiversity Program Directors and Faculty focus on building curriculum and teaching methods that make it easy for the student to understand and build the student’s confidence in their learning capabilities.


Affordable Education - TraPar Multiversity focuses on making education an affordable commodity for the community.

Admission Process:

  1. Admissions information interview. 

  2. Submit the application with (a $50.00 application fee) and Background Check (fee $50.00) paid to TraPar Multiversity. 

  3. Provide two forms of government-issued Identification. 

  4. Complete the TABE Entrance Examination. Examination Testing Fees $50, Submit official transcripts and payment of transcript review (Fee $220). 

  5. *Step test Testing (Fee $50) for students applying for advanced placement and completion of step test. * 

Start your application today

Ready to apply to TraPar Multiversity?  Great! We’re eager to get to know you through your undergraduate application.  Life with TraPar Multiversity means your joining the Family—we’re a close-knit community full of innovative thinkers and ambitious learners, and we can’t wait to consider you for our incoming class.

You choose how to apply—use the TraPar Application or the Common App.


TraPar Application

Want to apply directly to TraPar? Use our custom application.

Common Application
Applying to multiple colleges? Add TraPar to your Common App.


No matter which application process you choose, you will still receive automatic merit scholarship consideration at TraPar Multiversity.  

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