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TraPar Multiversity

We Set the Standard for Excellence in  Adult Online Secondary Education

At TraPar Multiversity, we set the standard for excellence in medical education through our quality assurance projects, program development, instructional development, and result-driven management. We prepare students for their healthcare or project manager careers with our quality and accelerated programs, collaborative learning, and by providing the foundation to become lifelong learners.

Healthcare and Information Technology professionals are independent. They are leaders and innovative thinkers. They drive change and play a major role in the Quality of Life and Quality of Innovation.  TraPar Multiversity is committed to helping you enter the most dynamic profession in the world.

Associate in Science (AS)

Ultrasound Technician

Our Virtual Ultrasound Technician program will help you prepare for the medical field.

Associate in Science (AS)  Surgical Technology


Our Virtual Surgical Technology program will help you prepare for the medical field.

Project Manager

Certification Test Prep

Studying in the Library

Our virtual platform will help you prepare and qualify for the PMP exam.

Healthcare Worker

Virtual Private Proprietary School

Does a healthcare or information technology career interest you? Enroll at TraPar Multiversity. 

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Get trained by our experienced program instructors.

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Our Commitment

TraPar Multiversity is committed to providing quality education to each of our students. Through the enhancement of their mental well-being, we promote self-worth and develop independence.

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